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For access to the best pneumatic piercing tools, there are no better partners than Pow-R-Mole Trenchless Solutions and Grundomat. Our Grundomat inventory consists of a wide range of products, equipment and accessories. Alongside a team of knowledgeable technicians, you are guaranteed to connect with the finest products for your projects.

Grundomat is a leader in tools for boring and landscaping. Industries across the board have taken advantage of Grundomat pneumatic piercing tools. The Grundomat design is highlighted by target accuracy. These pneumatic underground piercing tools perform precise horizontal bores in all disposable soils. Their utility minimizes surface damage and costly restoration. This means less community disruption.

Their boring equipment comes with a patented reverse mechanism. With the simple adjustment of a lever, there’s no longer a need to stop moving tools or turn air hoses. Unlike other tools, Grundomat’s pneumatic underground piercing tools hammer away at obstacles. More conventional instruments tend to use the path of least resistance when it comes to their bore paths.


Here is everything you need to know about the advantages of relying on these piercing tools:

  • Design offers exacting target accuracy compared to traditional tools
  • Tools simplify the process of boring and pulling in pipes
  • Minimizes disruption to buildings, traffic, and other utilities
  • Avoids costly restoration and sizable surface damage typically required with antiquated trenching methods
  • Accelerates project timeline
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Minimal crew

Pow-R-Mole is proud to partner with Grundomat and its mastermind, TT Technologies, in providing the finest resources for the management of gas, water, electrical and sewer production. We’re talking about the engineering of some of the most reliable piercing instruments available today.

From Hudco pneumatic piercing tools to the best offerings from Grundomat underground pneumatic piercing tools, expect Pow-R-Mole to sell or lease top solutions for your projects. For over 60 years, Pow-R-Mole Trenchless Solutions has been a leader in its industry that promises enhanced production for utilities, municipalities, plumbers and more on a global scale. Call us or fill out the online form on this website today.


Great rentals, excellent service and staff. Very satisfied in my many experiences with them.

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Quality trenchless equipment and support staff that is always willing to help! Nothing better!

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