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At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we are proud to offer durable Railhead Underground drilling tools to facilitate your trenchless rehabilitation projects. Their horizontal directional drilling equipment includes a complete line of tools that you can rely on for powering through tough soil conditions and obstacles on time-sensitive services. Let us explain everything about these drilling tools and how they will advance your productivity and profitability on contracting, commercial, municipal, and development projects.

Rock Boring and Reaming

There will be times when you need to bore or ream through different types of rock. Railhead’s Incredibit directional boring bit is designed to do this in less than half the time of other rock boring bits. It pairs well with small boring machines, including our range of PD products.

Dirt Boring

When it is necessary to push the pipe through difficult soil conditions, pair our PD-4 or PD-6 HDD thrusting equipment with the Incredibit and other Railhead Underground drilling bits. The ease of adjustment of the tool’s speed and thrust allows you to create the right diameter of the hole for the pipe or conduit you plan to install.

Guidance Systems

Horizontal directional drilling tools are only as good as their guidance systems. Our digital steering and digital detection technology allow you to make the most of the different drilling bits and each of our thrust borers. Use the target-in-the-box digital technology to anticipate changes in soil conditions and avoid massive obstacles that could impede your progress. You can also switch to analog steering technology near fixed structures.

Railhead Underground drilling tools help you complete more projects in less time. Their enhanced power, durability, accuracy, and precision facilitate an ideal finished result and higher client satisfaction ratings. For more details about our range of Railhead Underground HDD equipment, contact us at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions today.


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