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For more than 60 years, Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions has been the industry’s leader in engineering, testing, and manufacturing trenchless equipment. Whether you already perform trenchless pipe rehabilitation or you’re looking to expand the range of services, we have the equipment you need.


When you need to tunnel through rock and other tough materials, our augers get the job done. Choose from our Bor-It, Mighty Max 12, and Straightline RockEye Hammer products. They pair with our other trenchless technologies to help you repair pipes located in difficult environmental conditions.

Pipe Bursting Machines

Repair or replace failed or problematic gas, water, and sewer lines with our pipe bursting equipment. Our products include the PD-22, PD-33m, and PD-7. They efficiently burst through the old pipe and push the debris out of the way. These machines also tow in the new pipe. We also produce rodders and metal detectors.


Perform directional thrust boring with our PD-2, PD-4, and PD-6 borers. They pair well with trenchless materials, including new PE and HDPE pipes. We also offer horizontal directional drilling equipment.

Fusion Equipment

Fuse segments of pipe together in the field with our fusion equipment. Our options include the Ritmo Ram-14/Delta 160, Ritmo Elektra Light and Ritmo RTC 160. They handle pipes from 0.75 inches and larger diameters.

Other Products

We have everything you need for trenchless repairs. Our additional product offerings include hydraulic and pneumatic pumps, pipes, resins, CIPP liners, leak detection equipment, and more.

Having the right equipment, materials, and accessories for trenchless repairs allows you to provide excellent service to your customers. We offer a complete customer satisfaction guarantee, and we’re always available to discuss product specifications, applications, and instructions. 

Contact us at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions today for more details about the essential trenchless products we manufacture.


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