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When you’re a company that specializes in directional boring and similar trenchless repair projects, having the right equipment is essential. At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we make quality equipment that you can count on for excellent results. Read on to learn about the ways to minimize risks when you are doing a horizontal drilling project.

Use Utility Location Services

Before you begin any digging project using our horizontal directional drilling equipment, have a utility location services provider mark the areas where utility cables, wires and pipes are located. An accidental puncture or break of a water main, gas line, electrical, cable or other utility line could result in an emergency evacuation and a long delay in your project.

Communicate Bit Changes

During an HDD project, there will be times when your team needs to change the drill bit. Clear communication is needed in order to do this safely. No HDD equipment change should take place until the drill operator is certain that the worker is finished changing the bit and out of the way of the drill.

Maintain Ample Clearance

HDD thrusting equipment needs a lot of space. The power equipment releases exhaust that could overcome a person who is standing too close. The specialized equipment for handling rolls of HDPE or heavy cables and wires has memory. When pulling these in after the completion of a trenchless repair, it’s possible that the cable could uncurl without warning. These heavy cables could easily fracture a worker’s bone if they are standing too close. The heavy rolls also pose a significant crushing hazard.

Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions has been providing industry professionals with top-notch horizontal directional drilling tools for more than 60 years.To learn more about our products and how to minimize safety risks for trenchless services, contact us today.


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