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In the plumbing industry, lost time means a lot of lost money. When time is lost to complicated setups, extensive excavations, or difficulty in operating equipment, you can’t serve as many customers as your schedule demands.

By choosing trenchless equipment made by POW-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, you’ll be more productive and you’re sure to enjoy high customer satisfaction ratings due to the quality of work and high responsiveness your plumbing company delivers. Here’s a look at how trenchless equipment facilitates boosts in productivity.

Avoid Excavation

Traditional methods of leak detection, pipe rehabilitation, and pipe replacement require extensive excavation. This time-consuming and resource-intensive process reduces how many customers you can serve in one day. With trenchless equipment, you only need one access point, which could be an existing manhole, drain clean-out, or main drain opening.

Works on Complicated Pipes

In older homes and communities, plumbing infrastructure is often complicated. Pipes may have one or more 45- or 90-degree bends. Unusual changes in diameter can also complicate pipe rehabilitation. Our trenchless products allow you to inspect, clean, repair, and replace any type or condition of pipes.

Flexible and Adaptable Equipment

Your service vehicles can’t hold every plumbing tool or material that exists. That’s why we make trenchless materials that are flexible. Our hydraulic pumps deliver power to more than one type of equipment. The service line, inspection and piercing equipment, and trenchless supplies for rehabilitation offer interchangeable head sizes for working on different diameters of pipes.

With the right trenchless technology, your plumbing company will be able to detect leaks, clean sewer laterals, replace service lines, and rehabilitate failing pipes with ease. With interchangeable components and solutions that are created for longevity, high performance, and speed, you can’t go wrong with our trenchless materials, supplies, and equipment.

For more information about the many ways our trenchless plumbing products save you time, contact us at POW-R Mole Trenchless Solutions today!


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