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Once you’ve made an investment in trenchless equipment for your plumbing or contracting business, it’s important to maintain those items. Keeping up with equipment maintenance extends each product’s lifespan, reduces the risk of a breakdown or malfunction, and enhances safety in the field. Our Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions team has created this list of tips you can follow for maintaining your trenchless pipe repair equipment.

Inspect Equipment After Each Job

The first step of maintaining your trenchless products is to inspect each item after every job. Look for worn cables, misaligned threads, cracked metal, and worn or damaged areas on rod strings. These issues could cause equipment failure if they’re not attended to, and they could also put your safety at risk.

Clean Everything

Before the end of the workday, clean every piece of your trenchless materials. Though gauges and sensors are sealed, dust and dirt may scratch the plastic and obscure your view of the screen. It’s also important to remove dust, soil, and other debris in order to avoid corrosion that could result from chemical interactions between minerals in the soil and the metal in the equipment.


All moving parts of your trenchless technologies should be lubricated after each job. Maintaining adequate lubrication reduces friction. Less friction yields less wear and tear. Minimizing friction will also help your equipment move faster through difficult soil conditions and obstructions.

Spending a few minutes on maintenance of your equipment after each job will save you time, effort, and energy on your next project. The small amount of time it takes to clean and maintain trenchless pipe repair products will also save you money by reducing repairs and extending the equipment’s lifespan. For more details about maintaining your trenchless equipment, contact Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions today.


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