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Pow-R Mole offers a wide range of products that includes everything from horizontal directional drilling equipment to pneumatic piercing tools. If you are looking for some great reasons to choose us as your trenchless solutions provider, then read on.

Comprehensive Selection

One of the first things to look for in your trenchless supplier is a healthy selection. Having the right tools is necessary for the success of your job, which is why it’s important to have access to a full range of options. Our drilling technology covers a wide range of needs, including specialized leak detection, pipe rehabilitation, and HDD equipment.

While we don’t want to overload our clients with too many alternatives, we also want to make sure they can get what they need. That’s why we carefully consider and curate our selection of tools and equipment regularly.

Quality Commitment

Having a lot of options doesn’t mean much if they aren’t all quality choices, particularly for demanding assignments like directional boring and pipe bursting. We are strongly committed to only offering quality solutions to our clients. All of our product lines have been carefully designed and field tested to ensure reliable results.

Trustworthy Customer Care

We know that you rely on us for the tools and supplies they need on a daily basis. We take our work seriously and are always looking for new ways to help so you can better serve your clients in turn. Our customer service team is also ready and willing to answer questions, discuss concerns and provide additional technical information about our horizontal directional drilling tools and other products.

Tools that Make the Difference

Pow-R Mole is proud to serve the plumbers that keep their community’s water flowing and sewers draining. Whether you are looking for HDD thrusting equipment, line replacement tools, or advanced detection technology, you can come to us knowing that we have solutions for your drilling needs. Contact us today for top-notch trenchless solutions!


Great rentals, excellent service and staff. Very satisfied in my many experiences with them.

Ryan Toal

Quality trenchless equipment and support staff that is always willing to help! Nothing better!

Jeffrey Zanet

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