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When your team needs to inspect residential or commercial pipes, having precise and reliable trenchless technology to expedite work is essential. At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we provide pipe inspection equipment that gives detailed imagery to allow you to accurately inform your clients about the state of their pipelines. Understanding the features and advantages of our pipe inspection tools can help you make the best purchasing decisions.

Here’s a look at four key facts about them.

1. They Can Navigate Through Small-Diameter Pipes with Ease

As America’s infrastructure ages, more homeowners and property managers will seek your expertise for pipe inspections. Our trenchless products, like the VCAMMX-2 mini camera system, are designed to inspect pipes up to four inches in diameter. This equipment features a durable stainless steel housing and injection-molded parts, enabling it to navigate through partially blocked pipes, sharp turns, and multiple bends with ease.

2. They Perform Even in Harsh Environments

The underground environment can be tough, with conditions ranging from alkaline and acidic substances in wastewater to various fumes and corrosive gasses. You need equipment that can withstand these harsh conditions while maintaining top performance. Our VCAM-6 HD inspection system boasts a rugged design that resists rust, corrosion, and abrasion. It is specifically engineered for challenging lateral inspections in commercial and municipal sewer lines and collection pipes.

3. They Are Compatible With Various Pipe Types

Our trenchless equipment is compatible with almost any pipe material. Whether you’re working with steel, fiberglass, copper, clay tile, or concrete, our tools can effectively trace and inspect these conduits. The equipment delivers clear images and recordings, ensuring thorough inspections regardless of the pipe material.

4. They Offer Real-Time Data for Immediate Analysis

Timely decision-making is critical during pipe inspections. Our advanced pipe inspection systems provide real-time data and live video feeds, enabling immediate analysis and quicker problem-solving. This capability allows your team to diagnose issues on the spot and make informed recommendations to clients without delay.

Your clients rely on you for accurate, detailed, and trustworthy information. With the advanced trenchless materials we provide, you can deliver top-notch customer care to your residential, commercial, and municipal clients. To find out more about our pipe inspection equipment, contact Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions today!


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