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Installing utility service lines is one of the more difficult tasks on a trenchless provider’s schedule. Things get even more interesting when you need to tackle this kind of project in difficult soil conditions. Fortunately, the Pow-R Mole PD-6 is designed for just this kind of undertaking.

Key Features and Function

The PD-6 functions as a directional thrust boring tool and a type of pipe bursting equipment. This unit utilizes a cylinder-actuated assembly with locking and non-slip technology to apply steady force in the right direction. It also relies on detection technology installed in the rod head to gauge relative position and orientation while underground.

Space Requirements

One of the biggest considerations regarding pipe bursting materials and tools is space requirements. The less space needed the better, especially in difficult soil conditions. That’s why the PD-6 has a compact design that is 17 inches in height, 54 inches long and 21.5 inches wide. The entire unit only weighs about 720 pounds, so even small teams can use it effectively.

Power Profile

Power profile is another essential metric when considering pipe bursting supplies. Directional boring and pipe bursting for utility lines require a lot of power, which is why the PD-6 has a maximum force of almost 85,000 pounds and hydraulic pressure of 3000 psi.

We know that the sheer number of options can make shopping for trenchless equipment an overwhelming prospect. That’s why we encourage service providers to contact the Pow-R Mole team to learn more about individual products, technical specifications, and best practices for using the equipment!


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