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Pneumatic underground piercing tools facilitate many utility repair, replacement, and installation projects. These tools expand your range of services and allow you to efficiently complete projects. To maintain the accuracy and precision of these tools, our team at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions recommends the following maintenance tasks.

Perform an Initial Inspection

Before using any pneumatic piercing tools, spend a few minutes performing a pre-inspection. Look at the tool’s nose and check for rust, corrosion, scratches, dents, and other forms of damage. Check the whip hose for cracks, kinks, and stiffness. Tighten caps and screws to prevent air leaks. Inspect the O-rings, seals, and other rubber components for signs of degradation. The seals and noses typically require replacement every couple of months.

Clean All Moving Parts

During a launch and bore, your Grundomat or Hudco pneumatic piercing tools will pick up dirt and debris. This includes minerals from the soil. Those minerals may interact with the metal in the tool. After each use of the tools, clean all moving parts. This minimizes the risk of rust and corrosion, reduces friction, and keeps the tool’s mechanical parts from getting sticky.

Lubricate High-friction Components

Before any project, lubricate high-friction components of your piercing tool with the manufacturer’s recommended type of petroleum or synthetic lubricant. When conducting a long or complicated job, we recommend stopping in the middle to apply additional lubricant to the tool’s moving parts. We also recommend adding lubricant upon project completion.

With proper care, your pneumatically powered piercing tools will last for years and perform as efficiently as possible. Properly maintained tools protect your crew and help you avoid disruptions at the worksite. For more tips on how to maintain your Hudco or Grundomat pneumatic piercing tools, turn to Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions.

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