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Trenchless repair methods have been gaining ground in the plumbing industry since its initial development. Despite the technical and logistical challenges involved, the potential for significant savings for plumbers and clients alike has driven this field forward ever since. Our team at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions is excited to be a part of this technical frontier as evolutions in trenchless products continue to push the industry forward.

Targeted Problems and Informed Solutions

The combination of pipeline video camera systems and other leak detection equipment ushered in by trenchless technology has revolutionized the plumbing industry in many ways. It takes most of the guesswork and estimation out of diagnostics and replaces them with the presentation of hard evidence and calculated solutions. Some kinds of leak detection equipment, including our SEBALOG N3 – Network Loggers, are also designed to produce fast results to better address urgent situations.

Bigger Power in Smaller Packages

Compact pneumatic and hydraulic units are another innovation in trenchless equipment that’s blossomed in recent years. The desire for non-invasive procedures and the generally tight quarters common to plumbing work make compact solutions very valuable. You can see these innovations at work in many different equipment lines, including pneumatic piercing tools, directional drilling, and pipe bursting technology.

Take the Next Step Toward the Future

As an emerging field within an established industry, trenchless applications still have a lot of potential for change and improvement. There is a lot to gain for service providers who can harness new solutions and continue to pursue the opportunities presented by these developments.

Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions is here to support our clients as they strive to improve their services, take care of their customers, and build a stronger business. We offer a selection of innovative, powerful, and effective trenchless materials and equipment.

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