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Plumbers have always searched for more efficient ways to maintain, repair, and install pipes. At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we specialize in advanced trenchless technologies. These technologies have changed the industry for the better in many ways, and understanding these changes helps you adapt and grow as a plumbing contractor.

No Digging

Conventional pipe repairs required contractors to bring heavy equipment to the job site. This equipment released noxious exhaust that put workers at risk. The equipment also caused considerable disruption to the customer’s property. The digging process added several days to the length of the repair process. With trenchless materials, contractors complete pipe restoration in just one day, with no exhaust fumes and no risk to the environment or property. The technology allows contractors to complete more repairs in less time.

Lower Costs

Trenchless technology makes use of small work crews. The host pipe remains in place, which also lowers the cost of the repair. The cameras and geocoding technology on the robotic equipment allow contractors to accurately place and install the trenchless products. This means the work gets done right the first time, so customers don’t have to call the contractors back for a botched installation or repair.

More Convenient for the Customer

Before trenchless technology existed, performing a sewer or pipeline repair resulted in extensive disruption to the environment surrounding the pipe. On residential properties, excavating often puts the foundation or slab at risk of damage. On commercial properties, trenching typically requires the closure of nearby streets, and businesses would also need to shut their doors for safety reasons. Trenchless equipment allows businesses to keep their doors open, and municipalities don’t have to redirect traffic or block street parking.

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