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When your crew determines that a pipe requires replacement, the right pipe bursting equipment makes a big difference in the success and timeliness of the project. At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we understand that investing in this equipment involves a significant decision-making process. Being privy to what makes the PD-33 cost-effective helps you make a confident decision about what to purchase.

Minimal Setup and Maintenance

Once you arrive on the worksite, your crew and your customer want to get started with the repair. The PD-33 features modular construction that facilitates a quick setup. Within minutes of arrival, your crew can get started with the bursting process. The PD-33 requires minimal maintenance, with routine lubrication and cleaning as its main needs.

Burst Through Any Type of Pipe

The PD-33 and coordinating pipe bursting materials allow you to burst through pipes measuring up to six inches in diameter. Use this equipment on pipes made from concrete, cast iron, steel, clay tile, PVC, and more. You won’t have to switch heads or stop to make any adjustments. Just one tool handles all types of pipes.

Complete Big Projects in Less Time

The PD-33 delivers a 24-inch stroke and 30 tons of pulling force. At its top speed, it bursts at a rate of six feet per minute. This speed allows you to complete big projects in less time. It also facilitates a faster restoration time for your client. Less time spent at each site allows you to take on more work and grow your income.

Enjoy faster project completion, enhanced worksite safety, and an increase in your base of clients when you invest in the PD-33 and related pipe bursting supplies. To learn more about the PD-33’s specifications, operating costs, and features, contact our team at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions today!


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