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Trenchless technology is commonly used in the installation and repair of underground pipes. They involve the use of construction techniques such as trenchless installations. Our trenchless equipment is made to help you do this kind of work. Here is how our trenchless-equipment enables you to improve productivity:

Environmentally Friendly

Underground construction can be rather damning to the environment when done haphazardly. We value the environment; that is why our trenchless-equipment technologies are eco-friendly. We provide you with the equipment that will go with the construction that you want to undertake in the process.

Save on Costs

Excavation projects can be pretty expensive in more ways than one. Trenchless products are meant to help you save on the cost you may incur when you have construction projects underway. We do not just want you to protect the environment. We want to help you save on the additional costs that are associated with underground construction.


Trenchless equipment should be dependable. Our company offers a wide range of certified and reliable equipment. We provide the right products and accessories that go along with your construction needs. You can depend on us to give you valuable feedback regarding the services and products that we provide.

Let Us Help You Get Started

Apart from the appropriate trenchless technologies, we know that adequate preparation of a site is integral. We can help you by providing the tools you need. Our equipment will include pumps, a camera, leak detectors, and specially designed drills. Investing in the right form of prep work equipment will help improve efficiency to ensure you can complete the project in time.

It is crucial to have the right trenchless equipment partner. Our trenchless supplies are of the best quality, efficiency, and productivity. Contact Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions today for more information and services on the underground construction equipment you may need.


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