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Every plumber needs to know the expected and actual lifespan of their trenchless equipment. Without real and accurate information, you can’t really tell if your tools are lasting as long as they should or providing the value you want. While there is no single answer to questions about a specific tool’s longevity, you can consult the manufacturer’s specifications and assess practical usage.

Know Your Specs

It’s easy to start skimming when your eyes hit pages of hard data, but it’s important to know the technical specifications of the trenchless technology you use. These sheets don’t always communicate everything, but they do provide invaluable information on the effective range of the tool and general life expectancy relative to usage and the general age of the materials.

Make a Maintenance Plan

The other often-neglected best practice regarding trenchless products and equipment is making an actual maintenance plan. Proper storage and upkeep are essential for extending its lifespan to its fullness. Consult the manufacturer and the tech specs to determine a proper schedule and method for inspecting and maintaining all tools in your collection.

Use It Right

One of the easiest ways to accelerate a tool’s aging process is to use it outside of its intended applications. Even pushing it a little beyond its limits or functionality can put a strain on components that weren’t designed to bear this burden. This can jeopardize the operator’s safety as well as compromise the value and efficacy of the equipment.

Tools That Stand the Test

Pow-R Mole offers a healthy selection of trenchless materials, tools, and equipment that can stand the test of time. We are so confident in our tools that we back our US-made equipment with a five-year warranty that covers defects in composition or production. Get in touch with us to learn more about our company and the trenchless solutions we offer to contractors!


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