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Directional thrust boring is steadily gaining popularity in the underground drilling industry. This is because it offers contractors an ideal alternative to the traditional open-cut trenching. Through this process, contractors can layout utility conduits for telecommunication, water, gas companies with cleaner and faster installations.

Fewer Disruptions

What makes directional boring ideal is the minor surface disturbances that occur when drilling. Traditional open-cut trenching details excavating of deep trenches that rip off the landscape, causing massive disruptions. Thrust boring, on the other hand, provides contractors with a good option for displacing soil minimally.

Faster Installations

Open-cut trenching is a slow process since the contractor has to excavate deep channels before laying conduits. However, with the right directional thrust boring tools such as an automated surface-launched boring gear you can penetrate the soil with less soil displacement. Through this, you can easily use less time, reducing the operation costs.


Directional boring enables contractors to install conduits and pipelines without exposing them to potential damage. This decreases the tear and wear of the resources used in the construction project.


The ability of directional boring to eradicate demo, saw cutting, sidewalks, and pavement, is cost-effective because the elimination of surface material is distant. Hence, boring contractors can save time in labor, roads, and rehab of parking lots by drilling under such surfaces.

Enhanced Flexibility

One of the top-most traits that make boring popular is its capability to toil around hitches. Through this process, contractors can lay conduits in too costly or virtually impossible areas. And since directional thrust boring equipment can work on different soil compositions, contractors can easily excavate trenches under rivers and busy roads with little disruptions.

Directional thrust boring is a cost-effective and flexible alternative to open-cut trenching and other traditional methods. If you are ready to kick-off your next construction project, contact us to learn about directional boring.


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