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Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions has been providing high-quality trenchless equipment for years now. We take pride in our vast knowledge regarding this modern solution for pipeline repair and installation projects. In this article, we share a brief history of this innovation to give you an insight into its importance.

The Beginning

The concept we refer to as trenchless pipe lining was first developed by British agricultural engineer Eric Wood. In 1970 he developed the approach – also called cured-in-place piping (CIPP) – to interior pipe repair as a less invasive way to repair the air ducts for his mushrooms. It soon gained popularity as a tool for plumbing repair as well.

Further Developments

In the mid-70s, trenchless technology took the next step with pipe bursting. It was inspired by the need to replace existing pipes that had begun to age. With this method, pipes are broken up where they lie and replaced with new pipe.

This new form of trenchless pipe repair allows for replacements and repairs to be made without disrupting the area surrounding the pipeline. That saves money on the replacement or repair of a parking lot or backyard when pipeline issues arise.

Trenchless Solutions Today

Once the original patents expired and new companies were free to improve the technology, trenchless products became increasingly accessible. By the dawning of the 21st Century, trenchless services were accessible to everyone.

Many business owners and homeowners have discovered the plethora of benefits associated with trenchless services. The industry promises to continue to grow as others learn how much better it is to repair pipes without the need to dig.

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