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While digging up trenches to access old and damaged piping is the traditional way of repairing and replacing pipes, this method isn’t always possible. If the repairs are being done on a commercial property or one with unstable soil, it’s best to provide trenchless solutions that require little to no excavation. Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions provides quality directional thrust boring equipment that allows professionals to skip the excavation and target the problem directly. Learn more below:

How Directional Thrust Boring Works

This method of repair targets the problem with surgical precision by removing the old piping, conduit, and obstructions using directional thrust boring tools. With special hydraulic tools and the right boring equipment, the repair process is made more efficient. Even just one experienced technician can remove your old piping or conduit and replace it with a new one..

Types of Thrust Boring Tools Used

Thrust boring combines the dual actions of hydraulic jacking with industrial drilling power. That makes it possible to auger out soil and other solids with a cutting head that the hydraulic jack pushes further into the drilling chamber. The excavated material gets pushed out behind the cutting head while the jacking action continues the boring process until the job is finished.

Once done, new piping or conduit goes in to restore the efficiency of your plumbing system. With the proper tools, an experienced technician can do the job of an entire crew without disrupting the surrounding area or running additional risks associated with surface excavations. That means less disruption to your property and the neighboring homes and businesses.

Invest in quality equipment for your business. Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions has excellent directional thrust boring equipment and other trenchless tools to solve your piping and conduit needs. Contact us to learn more about our quality directional thrust boring solutions.


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