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When your application requires directional boring or horizontal directional drilling, you need reliable detection technology. The last thing you want in the middle of the job is to run into a foundation, pipe, or other obstacles. Read on to learn about the benefits of analog detection technology used in our PD-2 system here at Pow-R More Trenchless Solutions.

Detailed Information

You need exact details when using horizontal directional drilling equipment. A few centimeters could make a difference between clearing a foundation and running into it. Analog signals send more refined information and send it at faster rates than digital signals.

Easy to Process

If your monitors, radios, or other pieces of equipment have seen a few years of service, analog detection technology is the right choice. It is compatible with older generations of HDD equipment as well as new systems. You do not need a fancy monitor or device to handle or interpret the information.

Track Multiple Phenomena

Analog detection technology in your HDD thrusting equipment allows you to keep track of sound, light, pressure, temperature, moisture, position, and orientation. This information is important for changing the direction or speed of your boring head. The analog detection technology is resistant to interference from nearby electrical systems.

Use Less Resources

Analog detection technology uses less bandwidth than digital technology. When you’ve got a lot of devices in the field, this means that the processing time will remain rapid. None of the equipment will experience a transmission speed or density loss. Analog signals can be sent to multiple recipients or devices.

Analog technology offers easy setup, long transmission distances, and efficient delivery of information. When you have workers spread around a large site for a big job, this technology is vital. For more information about the analog technology used in our horizontal directional drilling tools, contact Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions.


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