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Every trenchless contractor should at least know the basics about horizontal directional drilling equipment and expand this knowledge as they develop their services. It’s a fundamental practice for advanced pipe replacement and sewer rehabilitation solutions that opens up new options for addressing ongoing issues. It’s also one that’s really advantageous as it gives you the benefit of having the right equipment at your disposal.

Balance Power and Convenience

One of the first things to consider when selecting HDD thrusting equipment is the likely scope of your operations. Ideally, you will have tools suitable for a wide range of applications, but this isn’t always the right first step. That’s why you need to gauge your current needs and know what type of service requests you handle the most.

The Pow-R Mole Difference

Pow-R Mole offers three different types of horizontal directional drilling tools: the PD-2, PD-4, and PD-6. The PD-2 is the lightest of the three and is designed to be used by a one-man team, which is perfect for many smaller and local contractors. The PD-4 and PD-6 can handle significantly more difficult soil conditions and overall digging demands but require more manpower and overall maintenance to operate.

Get Good Guidance

The other key element of your HDD equipment is guidance. There are several different types of guidance systems available for trenchless borers, but they are generally divided into analog and digital categories. Of course, there are plenty of differences between specific products within these categories as well.

Blending Innovation and Experience

As a premier name in trenchless technology, Pow-R Mole is proud to have a diverse professional team that truly cares about innovation in plumbing. We look forward to delivering advanced equipment to hard-working professionals who can make the best use of it. That’s why we are happy to discuss our company, products, and guarantees with contractors interested in working with our directional boring tools. Contact us today for all your trenchless needs!


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