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Pipe bursting is a popularly recognized efficient method of changing outdated, undersized, or faulty water, sewer and gas lines. There are varieties of pipe bursting systems in the market, and at times, it can be difficult to choose what you need depending on your various needs. Therefore, as a municipality, or underground contractor, you should consult first to know the reputable pipe bursting materials providers to sort all your pipe-bursting needs. Besides, effective solutions to all your pipe-bursting projects innovative and dependable pipe bursting materials. So, it helps to understand some of the applications of pipe bursting supplies such as:

Lateral Bursting Systems

Due to the huge demand for lateral sewer replacements, various contractors are opting for trenchless lateral replacements. While lateral bursting systems can spare you unpleasant side effects, they are cost-friendly, highly efficient, and enable you to replace 5 to 15 cm lateral pipes quickly. Besides, lateral replacements allow you to use the same old size or larger size pipes.

Hydroburst Static Bursting Equipment

Various underground contractors and municipalities around the globe prefer using Hydroburst static bursting equipment because of its effectiveness in replacing present gas pipelines, water mains, and sewer lines. This pipe bursting equipment follows the pipe path, which helps reduce any risks while enabling you to avoid most of the excavation work.

Pneumatic Pipe Bursting

This is one of the top pipe bursting supplies used by municipalities and other underground contractors worldwide. A pneumatic pipe bursting system is particularly configured to suit certain conditions at the job site, providing increased productivity.

The aforementioned pipe bursting systems come in handy when replacing faulty, undersized, or old gas, water, or sewer lines. However, it’s important to learn of their application, more so, how they work depending on specific conditions at the job site, to find the one which best suits your needs.

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