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Horizontal directional drilling is akin to directional boring in that both processes are low impact and use trenchless equipment on the surface to install conduits, cables or pipe according to grades or curves. However, while directional boring is best applied to small diameters over short distances, HDD refers to longer distances and larger diameters.

How HDD Works

Unlike standard drills, the boring bit is essentially the only part that spins on HDD equipment. This arrangement allows the equipment to make gradual direction changes. The bit’s location can be found at any point by various tracking methods, including sonde location.

HDD Use Cases

Horizontal directional drilling equipment has multiple applications where reaching a distant and precise endpoint and avoiding buried obstacles are the objectives.

Drilling in Controlled Directions – HDD equipment can be used to drill for multiple targets from a single starting location or structure.

Drilling in Inaccessible Locations – HDD thrusting equipment allows for drilling and pipeline installations in areas that would otherwise require disrupting surrounding roads, structures or buildings. This is a highly useful approach to municipal utility installations in built-up areas.

Rerouting – Since horizontal directional drilling tools can target specific locations across large stretches on varying grades, it can be used to create secondary or alternate lines for existing structures.

Side Tracking – Side tracking is a second bore that deflects from the original. It’s a useful bypass should difficult terrain, geologic features, blockages or collapses make the original bore unusable.

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