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Steering is the difference between pinpoint directional thrust boring and just making a mess in someone’s yard. Precise and responsive controls are essential to leveraging boring technology, so it’s something operators need to know about. No matter what kind of steering you need, Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions has plenty of great products to meet the demand.

Understanding Steering Types

Directional thrust boring equipment generally operates with one of two steering types: analog or digital. There is also plenty of variety within each category based on quality, complexity, and design elements.

What is analog steering?

Analog Detection Technology relies on direct and continuous operator input to steer the boring head. This type of detection setup can determine underground location within a couple of inches and can readily transmit key information. This includes details about the unit’s orientation, depth, and location to aid in manual navigation.

Steering is typically done through a series of cone-shaped toggles on a compact interface. Signals are transmitted between the machine and the interface via a radio-based transmitter/receiver combination.

What is digital steering?

Digital Detection Technology incorporates a more detailed and complex interface into the borer’s operations. Along with transmitting the same information available from an analog setup, these systems also include intuitive locating, targeting, and remote steering functionality.

Our digital steering products, like the PD-4 and PD-6, rely on digital sensors to pinpoint and transmit location to the operator. The interface has a user-friendly menu layout and can be adjusted to display pitch and other key information according to preference.

Steer Yourself Towards Success

Making the right decisions about the controls for your directional thrust boring tools can impact every project your team works on. Analog systems are typically more affordable and are easier to troubleshoot. Digital systems are more advanced and cost a bit more, but offer a lot more in terms of features and functionality.

Pow-R Mole Solutions is here to help our clients solve problems, not just sell products. That’s why we are just one call away for customers who want to learn more about the differences between analog and digital steering. We help you get informed so you can appreciate the differences and balance price with potential utility!


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