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When your work order involves installing a pipe or cable in a place where excavation and digging are not an option, you need the PD-7 courtesy of Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions. The PD-7 pipe bursting equipment is designed for use in tough conditions. It’s rugged, reliable, and made to last for countless jobs.

Accurate Steering

Detection technology in the rod’s head facilitates accurate steering of the PD-7. The detection equipment informs the operator of its orientation, location, and depth. This makes it easy to guide around a variety of obstacles underground.

Low-Maintenance Equipment

You don’t have to spend much time maintaining the PD-7, which gives you more time to care for your other pipe bursting supplies. A chrome-plated steel guide bar protects the rest of the frame. Bronze brushings and thick wiper seals keep moisture, soil, and other contaminants out of the unit. The intervals between maintenance are longer than other types of thrust-boring machines.

Durable Materials

The PD-7’s non-slip, locking jaw assembly stays in place. Vibration and shifting soil is no match for it. The exterior coating resists corrosion, cracking, pitting, and abrasions. The steering head and rod are easy to remove, yet their connections are sturdy when pushing through tough soil.

Flexibility in the Field

Some projects require you to navigate under roads, driveways, or sidewalks, around foundations, and between pipes and ducting. The PD-7 gets through these situations with ease. It can handle a wide range of applications, including pipe and cable installation, thrust boring, and pipe bursting. It works as well in compressible soil as it does in clay.

The PD-7 saves you time and money. You can count on this system to be a trusted addition to your selection of pipe bursting materials and equipment. To learn more about the PD-7 and its specifications, contact us at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions any time.


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