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More than 40 years ago, Allied launched its line of pneumatic piercing tools. Since then, contractors, plumbers and other utility line installation professionals count on these tools for their accuracy, precision and reliability in tough conditions.

At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we’re proud to offer these trusted tools, which offer key advantages for your crew.

Multiple Applications

Some tools are only good for one thing. Allied piercing tools, along with those made by Hudco and Grundomat pneumatic piercing tools, perform multiple functions. Use them for bores under concrete, rail ties and more. They create bores up to 70 feet long for utility and plumbing installations.

Preserve Landscaping and Hardscaping

Grundomat, Allied and Hudco pneumatic piercing tools don’t require any excavation. Pair them with an existing launching pit. This allows your customer’s landscaping to remain intact. Your customer’s driveway, sidewalk and other hardscaping can stay in place. This reduces the time required to complete the project and minimizes costs and site cleanup.

Accurate Bores

The old saying of “measure twice, cut once” rings true with Allied piercing tools. Their accuracy and precision means you don’t have to perform multiple bores. These tools create the bore exactly where you need it in one try. This high level of accuracy makes Allied tools cost-effective.


Only a couple of crew members are required to operate Allied pneumatic tools, which reduces labor costs. These high-powered tools pierce through all soil types, ensuring prompt project completion.

Keep downtime to a minimum and boost accuracy and precision with our wide selection of piercing tools. Our associates offer product guidance to help you select the right tool for any project. Contact us today at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions to learn more about our pneumatic underground piercing tools and the Allied piercing tools!


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