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When contractors are tasked with laying pipe or cable in an area with a large obstacle, such as a road, digging is rarely an option. You need durable directional thrust boring equipment, such as Pow-R Mole’s PD-6. The PD-6 is designed to work in small spaces, yet it delivers a large amount of power and information for accurate, fast, and precise work.

Range of Applications

When there’s not a lot of room to work, the PD-6 is an excellent piece of directional thrust boring equipment. It only needs a pit 56-inches long. It offers both pipe bursting and horizontal thrust boring functions, so it’s useful for a variety of tasks. When soil conditions are difficult, the PD-6’s head plows right through it. Heavy clay, silt, and rocks are no match.

Digital Steering and Detection Technology

The PD-6’s rod head contains digital detection and steering technology. On the screen, you see target-in-the-box locating graphics. This makes it easy to adjust the steering for accuracy and precision. The real-time location and direction readouts are accurate within inches. You can also use the backup analog detection technology for verifying the location of pipes and foundations during your directional thrust boring project.

Low-Maintenance Yet High-Performance

Chrome plating on the steel guide bar protects the PD-6’s high-strength steel frame from vibrations, impacts, and corrosion. Wiper seals keep moisture and particles, and the patented mechanism is designed for long life. The PD-6 delivers an 84,822-pound thrust force at 3,000 psi and installs an eight-inch diameter pipe at a rate of seven feet per minute.

The PD-6 delivers power and speed in a small footprint. Its portability, ease of use and digital detection technology make it an essential part of your directional thrust boring tools collection. For more details about the PD-6, give us a call at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions today.


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