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As leading providers of pipe bursting equipment in the United States, we here at Pow-R Mole take great pride in delivering quality supplies and machinery for a wide range of applications. One of our most popular devices is the PD-22.

Components and Ease of Use

The PD-22 pipe bursting set-up includes the bursting machine as well as a compact generator to supply the necessary power. Both components together weigh less than 300 pounds and can be transported to the job site in most regular trucks and work trailers. The bursting machine comes with a wheeled roller that’s ideal for getting it into place and then removing it from the site when the work is through.

Power and Performance

The PD-22 pulling machine is capable of generating more than seven tons of force for breaking up and replacing plastic, copper and lead pipes with diameters of up to two inches. The unit is designed to minimize slippage and maximize forward motion for quick, efficient operation, and it can be used in almost any type of soil. It requires a drilling trench of less than three feet, and the controls can be operated from outside the trench.

Why Choose Pow-R Mole?

As with all our pipe repair and pipe bursting supplies, we provide information and training on how to safely operate the PD-22 suite of equipment. We stock a selection of replacement parts to keep the system in good working order, and we’ll gladly come out to your work site to help you if necessary.

Contact Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions today for detailed specifications about the PD-22 or our other pipe bursting materials and equipment. We’ll provide a quote for the items that you need to continue performing great work for your clients and do our best to serve you as quickly as possible.


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