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Fluids aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about pipe bursting equipment, but they are still one of the most essential. In fact, they play a pivotal role in almost every basic drilling operation. Baroid drilling fluids are among the most popular products in the Pow-R Mole line-up.

Why Drilling Fluids Matter

The fundamental purpose of a drilling fluid is to create a slurry that allows operators to easily pump out soil and material debris during a drilling operation. Finding the right blend of fluids can be a tricky balancing act and depends on many factors, including the type of soil being carried.

Types of Trenchless Drilling Fluids

Many different kinds of fluid products may be used in trenchless drilling. Some of these products can be used on their own, while others are only meant to modify existing mixtures.

Fluid Systems

Fluid systems are complete liquid mixtures formulated for certain types of drilling applications. BORE-GEL® Horizontal Boring Fluid is a one-sack system for use in HDD, and IDP-681 Polymer-Based HDD Fluid is an example of a polymer-based system.

Agents and Dispersants

Agents and dispersants are other types of drilling fluid products that modify drilling fluid in specific ways. For example, the AQUA-CLEAR® PFD Dispersant is a polymer dispersant that helps remove sediment and helps thin the mud.

Make-up Water Adjustment

Another category of liquid pipe bursting materials are modifiers for make-up water that’s pumped back into the hole. This includes specialty chemicals like soda ash that can soften the water and raise pH levels.

Reliable Solutions

Drilling fluids may not be as big, powerful, and exciting as a heavy-duty boring machine, but they make a significant impact on the final results. Having access to the right fluid formulations to match the demands of each unique work site can make a difference in efficiency and efficacy.

Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions offers a wide range of drilling fluids alongside our other plumbing and pipe bursting supplies. We are happy to provide technical specs, fact sheets, and additional valuable information to help you get the most out of trenchless solutions. Contact us to learn more about our products and services.


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