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At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we’re proud to offer pneumatic piercing tools that enhance your company’s productivity and precision on complicated projects. These durable tools are also called horizontal jackhammers, designed to pierce through all types of obstructions and soil. 

When you’re thinking about which tools to buy for your water, sewer, or underground utility installation, consider these advantages of Grundomat pneumatic tools for piercing:

Precision and Accuracy

Reciprocating stepped heads of the piercing tools by Grundomat ensures accuracy and precision. They keep the bore on track with clean horizontal trajectories. The telescopic launching kit affords complete control over the tool’s direction.


Our pneumatic underground piercing tools quickly push through all types of obstructions. They bore for a length of 9 to 150 feet based on the needs of your projects. Grundomat’s proprietary chisel-head configuration pushes through anything. You won’t have to worry about failed bores when you choose these pneumatic tools for piercing.


Time is of the essence on every repair project. The Grundomat and Hudco pneumatic piercing tools use an in-line lubricator to keep the head cool. The lubricant reduces friction, which allows it to bore faster.

With Grundomat pneumatic piercing tools, you’ll get the job done right the first time. These tools offer ease of operation, precise and accurate control, a long lifespan, and speedy results. 

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