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When service providers need to apply considerable force in places that would otherwise be very difficult to directly reach, directional thrust boring can save the day. These tools are typically positioned at one end of the target area and guided via user control and automation to reach the endpoint. This means that precision is a vital feature of their guidance and control systems.

Interface and Monitors

Modern directional thrust boring equipment should have an interface that includes advanced monitors. A visual screen display is often a central component, but the monitor array should also include meters and read-outs for key data points. This includes a “clock face” style presentation of boring head orientation, basic depth reporting, and pitch readout.

Digital Guidance

Digital directional thrust boring tools often have several types of integrated guidance mechanisms that improve accuracy and precision. In addition to the numerous monitors and metrics, these tools also allow for real-time control through the same interface. This helps integrate and consolidate all the crucial operations and responses to minimize the chance of error throughout the boring process.

Analog Controls

Even tools with good automated features still need to be responsive to analog controls. Analog detection technology puts more control into the hands of the operator, allowing them to make adjustments as often as necessary to do the work accurately. This is particularly important when the heads need to be piloted around obstacles like existing pipes, ducts, and structural foundations.

A well-rounded guidance system can make all the difference for sensitive or difficult projects. That’s why Pow-R Mole values precise, accessible, and meaningful steering and interface technology in our thrust boring equipment. Contact us today for premium quality thrust boring guidance systems!


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