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When your customer needs a pipe replacement underground, you have two options. You could bring in heavy equipment, dig a large trench and spend days engaging in the repair and restoration, or you could choose pipe bursting equipment and equipment and solve the problem in less time. At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we proudly offer trustworthy pipe bursting tools for residential, commercial, and industrial pipes.

Let’s take a look at the situations that require pipe bursting so that you can offer the best service to your customers.

Extensive Landscaping

Many of your customers will have properties with extensive landscaping. When the property owner takes immense pride in their lush lawn, abundant flowerbeds, or gardens, they may balk at the idea of excavating a huge trench to replace a broken pipe. Our pipe bursting supplies and equipment only require two access points. You can deploy or retrieve the equipment through an existing access pit, manhole, or similar opening. This minimizes digging, time, and restoration efforts.

Rapid Turnaround

When your customer operates a bustling business or an essential service, they can’t wait for days or even weeks for a pipe replacement. Pipe bursting only requires one or two days of effort at the worksite. This allows your customer to maintain business as usual without having to send home their employees or guests.

Environmental Sensitivity

Traditional methods of pipe excavation and replacement often involve a plethora of synthetic materials that may leak or leach into the soil and groundwater. Pipe bursting protects sensitive environments. Choose this process for pipe replacement near wetlands, waterways, and wildlife preservations.

Pipe bursting offers an environmentally safe, speedy, and long-lasting way to replace damaged pipes. To learn more about our pipe bursting materials and the situations that we recommend it for, reach out to us at Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions!


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