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When your crew needs to install a pipeline or conduit in difficult terrain or site conditions, directional thrust boring makes smooth work of the process. At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we offer a range of different equipment for these projects. Our equipment facilitates the installation of short segments of pipe lines for residential use as well as larger commercial clients.


The PD-2 allows you to replace and install new pipes from basements to the curb or under concrete or asphalt driveways. It also works under narrow roads and streets. When you need to install a service line under other property features, this machine minimizes the need for extensive landscaping or hardscaping restoration. Built in the USA, the PD-2 boosts your productivity and requires just a single person to operate.


We designed the PD-4 for use in compacted and other difficult soils. When space limits the size of the directional thrust boring tools you can use, choose the PD-4. It requires a pit just 50 inches long. The PD-4 installs 4-inch pipes in compressible soil at a rate of nine feet per minute, allowing you to complete projects in less time. It also facilitates pipe installation under roads and other areas incompatible with excavation.


The PD-6 performs pipe bursting and thrust boring. It installs pipes up to eight inches in diameter at seven feet per minute. Requiring a pit just 56 inches long, these directional thrust boring tools facilitate the installation of cables, conduits, and pipes under wide roads and other property features.

When property features or difficult soil conditions prevent excavation for pipe installation, count on the directional thrust boring equipment from Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions. Our customer care team offers product guidance to help you select the right equipment for your company. Contact us today for additional information about our different directional boring systems.


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