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When a client asks you to install or repair a pipe, conduit, or cable in an area that may have obstacles or obstructions, you need a quality thrust boring guidance system for the horizontal directional drilling equipment. These guidance systems make it easy to detect the type of obstruction as well as its location. At Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions, we offer two types of thrust boring guidance systems as well as steering heads, receivers, and transmitters to ensure the accuracy and precision of your project.

Digital Thrust Boring Guidance Systems

The PD-4 and PD-6 HDD thrusting equipment work with digital thrust boring guidance systems. These digital systems feature target-in-the-box, real-time location information for the boring head. A clock face shows the direction of the head’s movement. Choose from decimal or percentage readouts for the easy-to-navigate data mode.

Analog Thrust Boring Guidance Systems

Our PD-2, PD-4, and PD-6 HDD equipment are compatible with analog thrust boring guidance systems. Our analog guidance systems feature location information within inches. These units are affordable and easy to set up.

Steering Heads

We offer a range of steering head sizes. These heads are compatible with our horizontal directional drilling tools. They’re designed to push through all types of compacted soils.

Transmitters and Receivers

The transmitter at the end of the rod string sends an analog signal to the receiver. If you need to replace yours, we offer 32.8 kHz Transmitter/Sonde transmitter and receiver units.

Our thrust boring guidance systems help you avoid unexpected surprises when engaging in trenchless pipe rehabilitation and the installation of gas, water, and sewer pipes as well as cable and conduit. They save you time and prevent damage to your equipment. For more details about guidance systems for our directional boring equipment, reach out to Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions today.


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