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There are many compelling reasons why Pow-R Mole recommends developing solid maintenance practices for pneumatic piercing tools. Ensuring the safety of personnel, extending the lifespan of the tools, and enhancing their efficiency on the job are just a few. Maintenance becomes a hassle only if you’re unprepared, so make a plan now.

Consult the Manuals

Manuals, product sheets, and technical specifications might not be the most thrilling of reads, but the fact of the matter is that they contain essential information. Always refer to all manufacturer instructions and product documentation for pneumatic underground piercing tools when creating a maintenance strategy.

Prioritize Cleanliness

Cutting corners with tool cleaning can be rather tempting, but even the most robust equipment like Grundomat pneumatic piercing tools needs proper care. Despite their design to withstand harsh environments, dirt or chemicals left on the tools can seep into sensitive components over time, reducing operational efficiency. Regular cleaning is crucial if you wish to maintain peak performance.

Practice Mindful Storage

Proper storage is also vital for the care of pneumatic piercing tools. While this equipment is built to be durable, it should still be stored in a stable environment with controlled temperatures for long-term preservation. This principle extends to all chemicals, supplies, and accessories associated with the equipment.

Prepare and Plan Ahead

Investing a little preparation now can prevent significant problems later. This applies to the proper maintenance of pneumatic piercing tools and any other equipment. If a tool is valuable enough to use regularly, it’s definitely worth the effort to maintain it properly.

Pow-R Mole proudly offers a wide variety of top-notch products, including Grundomat and Hudco pneumatic piercing tools, along with comprehensive information on their proper use. If you have questions about the usage or maintenance requirements of any trenchless equipment we offer, don’t hesitate to connect with us today!


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