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When you need to work on long pipes that span a great horizontal distance, horizontal directional drilling is the right method to use. As the top provider of horizontal directional drilling equipment, Pow-R Mole Trenchless Solutions ensures that your plumbing company has everything needed to complete the most complicated and challenging of jobs.

Let’s take a closer look at our horizontal directional drilling solutions so that you can make an informed decision when choosing new equipment for your plumbing business.

Works on All Types of Jobs

Directional boring equipment works on residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Use it for the installation of conduit, cable, and pipes. It also works on landscapes with curves and grades. If there’s an obstacle, such as a building, road, or parking lot, this equipment can easily navigate around it.

Easy to Set Up and Use

For a small job or a short-staffed crew, our PD-2 is the right choice. Just one person is needed to use this HDD thrusting equipment. For more extensive or complicated jobs, the PD-4 sets up quickly and offers a small footprint. Use the PD-6 on projects with difficult soil or small access spaces.

Minimal Disruption and Fast Results

Other methods of conduit, cable, and pipe replacement require extensive excavation. With horizontal directional drilling tools, this isn’t necessary. Just one access and one exit pit are required. Since excavation isn’t required for HDD projects, customers benefit from fast results and your company can complete more projects in less time.

Repairing large or long horizontally configured pipes over a significant distance has never been easier thanks to HDD equipment. We offer tried-and-true solutions that improve your company’s efficiency, accuracy, precision, and customer satisfaction ratings.

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