Sonde Housings & Bits

Railhead products are built tough and fit all major brands of mini-HDD machines on the market.

Dirt Boring Projects
The Endurance product line consists of a series of conventional bits and a sonde housing that is designed for contractors who do not drill in the kind of conditions that require an INCREDIBIT®.


Solid Connection
The key feature of the Endurance line is how we attach the bits to the housing. We've developed a keyway system that takes the side stress off the bolts which virtually eliminates the problem of drill bits breaking off the housing.


Durable Housing
While the Endurance housings are designed specifically for the Endurance bits, they incorporate many of the most popular features of our INCREDIBIT® housing, but at a much lower cost. We've used the Tri-Lock door and sonde blocks to protect the transmitter. We also use housing savers so, if the threads get messed up, you don't have to buy a whole new housing. We believe the Endurance housings will outlast any other dirt housing that's on the market today.

The Endurance line uses all of our current connections to the most popular HDD machines, including the Railhead Quick Connect System. For contractors who use the INCREDIBIT®, the Endurance bits are designed to also fit the INCREDIBIT® housing.


From the INCREDIBIT® to the Endurance line, Railhead's products are designed to provide contractors the ultimate reliability in downhole tooling.

Rock Boring Products

Railhead's INCREDIBIT® drill head is named for its ability to bore and steer through tough, rocky conditions. Its patented technology allows contractors to accomplish bores in ground that cannot be drilled with conventional bits. Andit allows smaller machines to drill through some conditions that would otherwise require a mud motor. It is truly a multipurpose bit that steers through soft conditions as well as rock and cobble.



Transmitter Housings
With 15 models, including duckbill (off-center cut) or centerline cut, side load or end load, StraightLine® makes a housing for your application.


StraightLine® offers a comprehensive line of bits suitable for any ground condition you may encounter.


Geological Boring

Sonde Housing
Manufactured using heat-treated nickel-chrome-molly alloy steel.

  • Six fluid passages COMPLETELY SURROUND the transmitter chamber to create an effective heat exchanger that removes drilling heat and helps keep heat sensitive electronics cool.
  • Largest fluid flow capacity available - FLEXIBILITY to directional drill today and motor tomorrow
  • Clock the transmitter in seconds - Transmitter clocks to drill head 12 o’clock quickly with our internal sealed Indexing Cartridge
  • Transmitter chamber sealed to over 2500 PSI drilling fluid pressure
  • Provides your work crew maximum flexibility
  • NO set-screws to drill out or bolts to rattle loose
  • Epoxy filled slots keep transmitter and transmitter chamber CLEAN AND FREE of muck and cuttings.


Bog Hog

Designed for: glacial til, clays, soft boggy soils, compacted soils and hard conglomerates


Duro Bore

Designed for adverse geologies: cobbles, fractured shales, cobbles, caliche and compacted soils


Duro Spade

Designed for adverse geologies: compacted soils, glacial til, hard conglomerates and clays.


Quick Steer

Designed for adverse geologies: hard conglomerates, glacial til, clays and compacted soils