Pam Hydro-2

The NEW Pam Hydro-2 features:

  • Easy handling
  • High sensitivity
  • Ideal to use on plastic pipes, large diameters, long distances
  • NST adapters included

Leak Spy

The NEW Leak Spy Features:

  • Monitors pipe networks for water leaks
  • Automatic, acoustic noise logger with AMR/AMI radio interface
  • Logger can be installed temporarily or permanently
  • Loggers are designed for continuous use
  • Leak information is transmitted via AMR radio to AMR receiver or fixed network
  • Compact in size
  • IP68
  • All data can be immediately reviewed and analyzed

UDM 200-M

Water leak detection:

  • Precise measurements, even on long measuring cycles and large pipe diameters
  • Flow measurement without water supply interruption
  • Menu-guided operation
  • Ideal for mobile use

HL 6000X-PC Correlator

  • Reliable, fast results from automation
  • Automatic filter setting by multiple frequency sound analysis
  • Automatic overview measurement
  • Multi-correlation results comparison
  • Off-site correlation with saved data
  • 3D time-line correlation analysis
  • Manual override settings
  • Process integration
  • Integrated positioning with GPS antenna
  • Optimized for working with tablet and rugged PCs
  • E-Box-2 powered via USB connection
  • Menu guided operation
  • Integrated mapping program
  • High-end technology
  • Sophisticated radio technology for long-range operation
  • Audio channel can be selected for listening to leak sounds
  • Digital signal processing

HL 6000X

  • Automatic & manual calculations for faster, more accurate locates under all conditions
  • Superior design and ruggedness, ensures round-the-clock use and lower operating cost
  • Highly accurate correlation & coherence functions
  • Radio power for maximum range
  • Headphone connection at transmitter
  • Graphic and numeric display for fast pre-location
  • Large, high-contrast VGA display with optimal visibility in any light condition
  • Active piezo ceramic accelerometers, best suited for plastic pipes
  • Internal 10 trace memory and PC software for hardcopy and archiving
  • Software updates via RS232 Interface

HL 7000

  • Monitors and surveys pipe networks for water leaks
  • Automatic sound level logger with radio read-out for acoustic zone tracing in pipelines
  • Logger can be installed temporarily or permanently
  • Loggers are designed for continuous use
  • Leak information transmitted by radio to receiver terminal "Commander"
  • Important data can be retrieved from the logger
  • Ability to be radio-programmed singly or in groups
  • Compact in size and can be used in nearly all pipes/ducts
  • Large graphic display with acoustic signal capabilities
  • All data can be transferred to a PC

HL 5000

  • Uses modern DSP (digital signal processing) technology to clearly recognize the leak sound, even when there is other noise in the environment
  • DSA (dual segment analysis) technology: simultaneous display of the current and minimum values
  • Ability to hear and view leaks: Histogram measurement with 9 simultaneously displayed DSA measurements
  • High audio quality
  • Large display to easily read measurement results
  • Plastic pipe locate mode with RSP-3 impulse generator
  • Frequency analysis of the recorded results
  • Real-time recording of sound measurement for up to 30 minutes
  • Hydrogen leak detection sensor available

HL 10

  • Its outstanding acoustic properties enable it to reliably locate small leaks.
  • The three filter settings allow the equipment to be perfectly adjusted to the individual task and suppress interfering background noise.
  • The visual LED indicator assists the leak location procedure and the simple, one-handed operation enables multiple assignments effortlessly.
  • Pressing the mute switch will store the current measured. Users can select best settings for the particular leak situation by using the volume and sensitivity control.
  • LED light is integrated for improving visibility in low light areas.
  • Greater versatility is gained by combining the HL10 with the sensitive GM80 wind protected ground microphone.
  • Heavy duty contact mic is available.