Steering The Bore
The PD-4 and PD-6 use Digital Detection Technology located in the head of the rod to accurately establish its location underground to within inches. The detection equipment provides information that indicates the orientation, pitch, location and depth of our conically shaped steering head. This allows you to guide the rods around obstacles such as pipes, dueling and building foundations safely and accurately until the final target is reached. This technology also allows you to install pipes on grade.

Steering Heads
A series of conically shaped steering heads allow you to control the path of the rod string. These heads are specially designed and manufactured to give maximum control in almost any compressible soil.

Receiver and Transmitter
The Digital Transmitter located in a housing at the front of the rod string sends simultaneous radio and digital signals. The Transmitted signals are received and translated by the Receiver. The translated information is presented to the operator in a very simple to understand format.

  • Target-in-the-box indicates the location of the head.
  • A clock face indicates the orientation of the conically shaped head.
  • A read out is displayed in either percentage or degrees indicates the pitch.
  • Single button depth reading.
  • Data View allows the machine operator to see in real time any rotation or grade changes that may need to be made.
  • Intuitive target-in-the-box® locating
  • Left/right remote steering
  • Roll/pitch update meter
  • Roll offset
  • Picture-driven menu