The PD-4 was designed for use in difficult soil conditions where a pipe or cable is to be installed under a road or in an area which cannot be dug. These machines are excellent in areas where space is limited.

The PD-4 will operate from a pit only 50 inches long. Despite its small size, the PD-4 has a thrust force of 37,714 lbs @ 3,000 psi and a maximum push rate of 9 feet/minute. The PD-4 can install up to 4-inch ID pipe in most compressible soils.

Minimum Maintenance-Maximum Life
The high strength steel frame is protected from wearing forces by a chrome plated steel guide bar. The pushing mechanism slides on bronze bushings and uses special wiper seals to keep the lubricant in and the water and dirt out. The patented mechanism provides long lasting service with a minimum of maintenance.

How It Works
The model PD-4 uses a cylinder actuated positive-locking, non-slip jaw assembly that provides a steady force when driving push rods. Sections of 2.5' push rods are screwed together and thrust into the ground. When the target pit is reached, the steering head is removed and the appropriate ground expander is attached. The pipe or cable that is to be installed is attached with a grip to the expander and the rods are retrieved until the pipe is installed.

Steering The Bore
The PD-4 uses detection technology located in the head of the rod to accurately establish its location underground to within inches. The detection equipment provides information that indicates the orientation, location and depth of our conically shaped steering head. This allows you to guide the rods around obstacles such as pipes, ducting and building foundations safely and accurately until the final target is reached.

Height: 15"
Length: 46"
Width: 18"
Weight: 370 lbs
Force: 37,714 lbs
Hydraulic Pressure: 3000 PSI
Hydraulic Flow: 12 to 16 GPM