Double your production rate with the industry's hardest-hitting air hammer.

At home in a variety of rock and soil conditions, StraightLine® Steerable Air Hammer Systems are designed to turn any rig into a rock-drilling machine, capable of drilling at rates up to 150 feet per hour.

Three key design features drive our hammer systems' performance:

The StraightLine® hammers incorporate a heavy-duty outer body, which allows for a larger, harder-hitting piston. For example, the AH5.0's 30-pound piston is nearly 2x heavier than competitive hammers. Its simple physics: a heavier piston delivers more percussive force per blow to the bit face which translates into faster penetration rates.

StraightLine® has taken durability to a whole new level, extending component life up to 10x, driving operating costs down and profits up. It's no secret, we have simply fitted our ground engaging components with strategically placed raised carbides that provide serious gage protection. You can think of it as body armor. For example, our AH5.0 sports 78 raised carbide buttons encasing the bent sub and running the entire length of the transmitter housing.

The StraightLine® Air Hammer System combines powerful hammering action with our precise two-point steering system to successfully navigate a wide variety of ground conditions. No matter whether you are faced with solid hard-rock formations, soft rock formations or intermittent conditions such as boulders separated by soil, our Air Hammer Systems’ will hit your target.

Additional Benefits: Unmatched ROI & Environmental Friendliness
Unmatched ROI: turns your existing drill into a rock drill; low capital investment; low cost per foot of operation, production rates up to 150' per hour; bottom line, no other method can match the cost/performance ratio of the StraightLine® Hammer System.

Environmentally Friendly: the StraightLine® Air Hammer Systems really shine when environmentally sensitive jobsites are encountered. Only 1/2 to 5-gpm of fluids are required for transmitter cooling, hammer lubrication and hole cleaning leaving the jobsite virtually spotless.