DD Mud Motors


INROCK's new "XTM" Mud Motor
INROCK is proud to announce its new line of Mud Motors. These motors are now being built in house for better service and reliability. The new XTM mud motor is designed to increase the torque capacity of the driveshaft and bearing assembly, thereby providing longer component life and reducing service costs.

INROCK® supplies specialized directional motors and services focusing on the requirements of the trenchless construction contractor. INROCK's® wide variety of motors and components provide the most efficient configuration for each specific drilling application.

INROCK® strives to assist the drilling contractor in selecting the best motor for the job. Proper motor selection requires matching motor specifications with: rock type; the drill rigs available, hydraulics, and drill stem capabilities to yield the highest torque, rpm, power to diameter ratio, and power to length ratio.


Power Sections:
Unique selection of motor/stator designs provide higher torque at lower flow rates and allow varying tool lengths specific to the job. Standard Size Ranges: 3-3/8", 3-3/4", 5", 6-1/4", 6-3/4", 8"

Directional Configuration:
Complete selection of fixed or adjustable bent housings; slick or eccentric housings; and wear protection. Adaptive to walkover guidance systems or wire line guidance systems. Unique, TCI enhanced, stabilized top sub minimizes outer housing wear in HDD applications. The new "XTM" comes with a rugged, fixed bend housing.

Project Planning; 24-hour Technical Assistance; Field Training; Repair Service locations across North America, Europe, and the Far East.

Pricing Options:
Flexible pricing available from short-term rentals to long-term leases and purchases.