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P340 flexiprobe
Commercial Video Inspection

Pearpoint’s P340 flexiprobe Pushrod Sewer Camera Systems can be used in a range of pipe inspection application from domestic to industrial. At the heart of the P340 flexiprobe system are the ruggedized and weatherproofed P340 and P340+ flexiprobe controllers, with the P340+ controller featuring a built-in Lithium-Ion battery. Both controllers record high quality digital video or images with a single button press, and display them on an ultra-bright 8” TFT screen. Advanced digital capabilities mean that users can zoom, pan and rotate images during recording to focus in on problem areas. The P340(+) flexiprobe system can be adapted to many different inspection requirements:
  • a choice of 1” (25mm) or 2” (50mm), ultra-durable cameras. The 2" (50mm) camera is self-levelling, always keeping the video picture upright when navigating a pipe.  
  • a range of 5 different reels from the extra-flexible 100’ (30m) P341 Plumbers reel to the 500’ (150m) P343 reel designed to push for longer distances. 
Compact reel designs ensure that the systems are fully transportable, and protected in transit. A wide range of compatible sondes, skids, brushes and accessories completes the package, allowing inspection of pipes up to 9” (230mm) in diameter.

Built-in Battery
The ruggedized P340+ controller’s integrated lithium-ion battery removes the inconvenience and set-up time of an external power lead. A push-button fuel gauge provides a quick indication of remaining power even when the controller is switched off.

Flexible USB and Compact Flash Data Storage
The P340 and P340+ controllers fully support the popular USB flash drive. Users can simply plug memory sticks into the controller to record, store or copy inspection videos, photos and observations. The system is also compatible with Compact Flash memory cards, and can be connected directly to a PC to transfer data without the need for a card reader.

Plumbers System
Pearpoint has developed a flexible Plumbers system designed to travel through waste water systems, negotiating most traps (from 2"/50mm) and bends (from 1 1/4"/32mm) found in commercial and residential properties. With a flexible built-in sonde facilitating pinpointing of the camera position, this new 100’ (30m) reel is the ideal tool for smaller diameter plumbing inspections.

Outstanding Picture Quality from Durable Cameras
The P340 flexiprobe systems offer a choice of new ultra-tough, high resolution, cameras constructedPipePhoto from 303 stainless steel, and capable of withstanding 11bar of pressure – the equivalent of working 330’ (100m) underwater.

1” (25mm) and 2” (50mm) models are available, combining focusable lenses with dramatically improved video resolution and the latest generation ultra-bright white LEDs to deliver a perfect and clear picture in most pipe conditions. More productive on-site The P340 system controllers automatically organize jobs by client, site and survey - making reporting and reviewing videos, photos and observations straightforward. The pre-installed comprehensive, and customizable, reporting system can be used to quickly fill out report observations on-site. It can also produce SEWER.DAT report files, with no need to plug into a computer.

Manage Data and Produce Reports
The new Flexisight™ Manager software is the ideal PC companion for the P340 range, allowing the operator to import, store and manage their digital inspection data.

Comprehensive reports can also be created with the operator’s company branding, pipe graphics, descriptions and color coded defect grading (requires Microsoft Word 97 or later). Microsoft Word is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
Lateral Pipe Inspection
Pipe Inspection Equipment
vCam-5 Inspection Camera Systems
Vivax-Metrotech camera systems give you the flexibility to cover a range of inspections including indoor drain lines, municipal collection systems, residential plumbing, indoor commercial lines, and lateral lines from 3 inches up to 8 inches in diameter. 

Our sewer inspection camera uses the latest technology packaged in a rugged, lightweight, compact profile made specifically for the harsh conditions related to sewer lateral inspections. The vCam-5 camera systems give you the features you want as standard equipment, at a competitive fair price. 

All Vivax-Metrotech camera systems are backed up by a full one-year warranty, on-site training and local support through our dealer network. The new vCam-5 products are backwards compatible with our previous vCam-Digital and vCam-Modular products.
vCam-5 Control Module
The vCam-5 control module is designed and manufactured with the plumbing contractors’ needs in mind. The latest technology in imaging and recording are packaged in a rugged ABS injection molded housing made specifically for harsh conditions. 

The feature-packed control module includes:
• One touch recording to either USB, SD or internal 300 GB HDD
• One touch JPEG snapshots to USB, SD or HDD
• 3 x Zoom for up close-up viewing
• Voice-over function with both internal and external microphone
• Full QWERTY weatherproof keyboard
• Text writer with 20 pages of storage and multi-color text
• Multi-color on screen display showing distance out, date and time
• 5 Watt 512Hz Sonde
• AC/DC operation with rechargeable internal battery
• Wi-Fi and RJ45 Ethernet computer interfaces
• RS232 socket for 3rd party software integration
• Works with older vCam series reels
• Real-time video streaming to your smart phone through Wi-Fi connection
vCam-5 Brochure


P350 flexitrax
Commercial Video Inspection - Specialized Industrial

The P350 flexitrax crawler system offers features the simplicity and ease of transport of a pushrod system while delivering the functionality and performance associated with more complex and expensive crawler systems.

Crawler system operators often face a choice between limited but portable systems, or complex and bulky systems for bigger pipes. Pearpoint’s P350 system, featuring intuitive joystick controls and a remote controlled powered elevator option, delivers a durable, modular system that is capable of centered inspection in large pipes, but is also highly portable for easy transport.

Modular Design - Survey a Wide Range of Pipes and Drains
Tailor the system to meet your requirements. Choose between a cost-effective manual cable drum or an advanced powered drum, each with up to 1000' (305m) of cable. Choose from three interchangeable cameras and two powerful crawlers that are designed to withstand the most challenging sub-surface conditions. A wide choice of wheels, elevators and tires optimize the downhole equipment to suit the pipe network being surveyed. Compatibility with the P340 flexiprobe pushrod enables operators to work in pipes as small as 1¼” (32mm) in diameter, while the system elevators and lighthead enable compliant surveys in pipes up to 36” (900mm) in diameter, and plenty of lighting to go larger.

Simple to Operate in the Field
Intuitive joystick control over crawler and camera functions and dedicated one-touch controls make the P350 system easy to use, and lets you drive any drum, crawler and camera combination. A full PC-style keyboard makes rapid reporting easy – and provides shortcuts to directly access advanced digital features. The command module also provides Mimic® display – an on-screen tool that indicates where the system camera is pointing, and provides a simple way to direct its movement.

Comprehensive Reporting with Advanced Tools
The P350 command module offers a customizable built-in reporting system, capable of creating and exporting detailed MSCC5 compliant drain or inspection chamber survey reports. The integrated sensitive inclinometer and the multi-frequency sonde allow users to map pipeline topography easily and efficiently. Use the HTML report creator or XML output capabilities of the command module to document all your work, on site with no need to use a PC or laptop on site. When used with compatible Laser Scanning software, the P350 Laser Profiler accessories provide operators with detailed pipe measurements such as deformation, internal diameter and expected capacity simplifying tasks like adoption or pre/post rehabilitation surveys. The variable laser profiler can project a circular ring in pipes as small as 4” / 100mm, and in pipes over 3’ / 1m diameter from a single device. Laser profilers can be fitted to the P350 Pan and Tilt and Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras.

Simple, Fast Service and Maintenance
The P350 flexitrax system is designed and built for continuous operation and easy maintenance. Operators can carry out many common repairs on-site, with no need for complex pressurization or sealing kits. Pearpoint’s global service network provide comprehensive service and repair with rapid turn-around times.

Accessories Enhance Performance
Due to its modular design, the P350 system can be rapidly tailored to suit the needs of specific applications or inspection tasks. The system can be easily upgraded to suit your application, or as new functionality is released. Elevators and wheel options accurately centre the camera in the centre of the pipe or drain being inspected. The pendant controller provides convenient downhole controls during deployment and retrieval. An 850 lumen auxiliary lighthead provides additional lighting for large or dark pipes. Abrasive ‘rasp wheels’ provide improved traction in relined or slippery pipe surfaces. Vehicle installation options Pearpoint provide a range of standard fixing kits to facilitate permanent or flexible installation of the P350 system in vehicles. Pearpoint also work alongside a range of approved vehicle fitters to deliver custom fit-outs in vehicles that suit customer’s needs.
Pipe Inspection Equipment

With our experience of innovating solutions for the Pipeline Inspection Industry extending back over 20 years, we have created our most advanced, most capable, most feature-rich, and most expandable system.  

Proteus has been designed to meet your needs in the real world: a system which is highly affordable, reliable, fully supported by experienced engineers, our "Here to Help" video built-in support, highly expandable and - most importantly - future proof.

Proteus crawlers are available in 3 sizes 90mm, 150mm and 300mm and feature CAN bus technology, allowing communication directly between each piece of attached equipment, and can relay control and status information such as activity, speed, pressure, inclination and temperature. The Proteus system also features ATEX compliant crawlers for use in potentially hazardous Zone 2 environments.  

Designed and developed in-house, Mini-Cam's Proteus crawlers are part of an entry-level modular system for the drain survey market, and can be installed as part of our Custom Van Fit-Out service (UK only ), or be fully portable with the Proteus Storage Trolley and Proteus Battery Pack components, giving up to 5 hours of inspection in a highly compact solution.


Condux Duct Rodders combine ease of operation and reliable performance to help increase the efficiency of your rodding operations. 

Our Duct Rodder cages have been designed to be lighter weight for easy handling in the field. They feature sturdy construction and a hand-operated wheel brake. They can be used on their side as well as upright. 30" (762 mm) and 45" (1,143 mm) cages come with flotation wheels for added mobility. Cage sizes are matched to suit the rod you order. 

End Fittings Included
Condux duct rods come equipped with a threaded end fitting on each end, plus a tapered head on the outward end. Condux offers a number of optional end fitting accessories for additional applications.


Cable Pulling and Locating Solutions

Jameson became the rst U.S. manufacturer of continuous fiberglass conduit rodders in 1980. Today, our line of Buddy Rodders is the most comprehensive in the industry for pulling underground cable. 

Building on the rugged Buddy design, Jameson developed Duct Hunter traceable rodders to map buried pipe from above ground by one man without digging. This technology increases safety in addition to saving time and money. 

In response to the needs of gas and water utilities, Jameson provided an advanced technology with Live Tracers. Introduced in 2012, Live Tracers allow utilities to map live underground gas or water lines with minimal disruption to roads and landscapes.
Big Buddy Brochure Easy Buddy Brochure Duct Hunter Brochure Mini Duct Hunter Brochure
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